Newton Patch > Top Five Reasons to Divorce Collaborative After 50

Posted on July 20, 2013


From Tracy A. Timby, JD, MS:

Privacy. Divorce files are public record and all court appearances are open to the public. In a typical litigated divorce, the court file will contain details about income, retirement funds, investments, value of your home, mortgage balance, all debt, names and ages of your children, your age, health status, documentation of any drug or alcohol issues, allegations about your parenting, marital misconduct, credit worthiness, and much more.

In a collaborative divorce, all of the above is shared only with the people directly involved in the case and only upon agreement of both parties. The paperwork filed is what is necessary to process the divorce and document the agreement of the parties.

Control. Nothing is out of the clients’ control in a collaborative divorce. Each party sets goals. Ways to meet those goals are discussed and professionals who can help are added as needed, but only with consent of the client.

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