Cambridge Family Law Practice > A Second Glance At Collaborative Law

Posted on July 27, 2013


From Cambridge Family Law Practice:

For those who aren’t aware, collaborative family law is a different way of working towards family solutions when adult relationships break down. It involves a series of “round table” meetings where both parties and their respective solicitors meet in the same room to investigate finding a fair way forward in the family’s particular unique circumstances. Financial, property and children matters can be approached holistically, and third (or rather, fifth) parties can be brought in to assist where necessary with financial advice, valuations or parenting matters. The key difference with negotiations in the shadow of the court is that in collaborative law, both clients and their solicitors sign an agreement at the beginning of the process which commits them to keeping the discussions confidential – enabling everyone to put their cards on the table in the interests of finding a fair solution – and to settling the dispute without going to court. If the collaborative process is not successful, the parties must instruct new lawyers to litigate the outstanding issues, meaning that there is huge buy-in from the collaborative lawyers towards making the process work, as they do not want to lose a client.

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