> Those Crazy Minnesotans…”Here They Go Again”

Posted on August 16, 2013


Ron Ousky, Esq.:

We are about to do something a little crazy in Minnesota. Yes, again.

We have publicly proclaimed our intention to grow Collaborative Practice by 50% in our community in one year. And we intend to succeed. Why have we put so much on this solitary goal? Increasing the number of families who are helped by Collaborative Practice is central to everything else we do. Focusing our attention on achieving this specific goal will make a major difference in our community and will give us the momentum to bring Collaborative Practice to the next level.

Here’s how we will achieve this audacious goal:

1. Identifying a clear, measurable objective. We identified the average number of Participation Agreements that we currently sign in Minnesota per month (37) and added 50% to arrive at our goal of signing 55 Participation Agreements per month by the end of the year. This feels like a bold step, as I am not aware of any community that has gathered and publicized this type of information. We are hopeful that breaking through this barrier will help us become more focused and energized.

2. A bold social media campaign. We have hired a first rate public relations firm to help us launch an ambitious social media campaign. This is expensive and risky, but we think it will be a great way to raise awareness of Collaborative Practice in our community.

3. Getting Everyone on Board. Although we have more than 100 Collaborative Professionals in our community, most cases continue to be handled by a relatively small group of professionals. We want to engage as many of our members as possible to help us build a stronger community. Therefore, our member Board will be reaching out to each of our members to help get them fully engaged.

4. Regular Training on Client Intake: We are hosting 15 Clinics for our members designed to help them improve their skill at explaining Collaborative Practice to potential clients. Many of us believe that improving that basic skill could, by itself, help Collaborative Practice grow by 50% in our community.

5. Increasing the use of our existing tools. We are leveraging many other resources developed by our community in recent years, including a redesigned website, a new speaker’s bureau and practice development groups focused on helping members grow their practice.