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My Divorce Documents > Collaborative Divorce: Stuck Between Contested and Uncontested

September 30, 2013


From Christina Jones: Just so we’re all on the same page, here are definitions of most kinds of divorce: Uncontested Divorce: A divorce in which the couple agrees on all allocations of marital property, child custody, child support, and/or alimony. Uncontested divorce essentially eliminats the need for lawyers or a judge in court. An uncontested […]

ABC Family Law Blog > Does Florida Recognize Legal Separation?

September 29, 2013


From Adam B. Cordover, Esq.: Many jurisdictions require spouses to be legally separated for a certain period of time (oftentimes about 6-12 months) before they can get a divorce. Florida does not have such a requirement. However, there are many couples out there who wish to go through a “trial separation” without taking the leap […]

Asian Legal Business > Collaborative Practice Takes Root In Hong Kong

September 28, 2013


From Artemisia Ng: Collaborative practice, an alternative approach to settling family disputes and divorce cases though out of court settlements, has shown signs of having taken root in Hong Kong.  The Hong Kong Collaborative Practice Group, which has more than 40 family lawyers, barristers, financial advisors and health professionals at its members, is now working […]

IACT Program > Collaborative Healthcare Solutions: An Alternative to Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

September 27, 2013


From Dr. Douglas Holmes: Very little is more contentious in medicine than the topic of medical malpractice, lawsuits, and tort reform. The large number of stakeholders with financial and emotional capital are immense. There is little need for me to further describe our current state of ‘deny and defend’, with fear of malpractice cases by […]

Collaborative Practice Chicago > Why am I willing to meet with BOTH of you?

September 26, 2013


From carl Michael Rossi, Esq.: If you contact me, I will say something that very few other lawyers will. “I’d like to suggest that you and your spouse come in together for an initial consultation.” First, let’s understand why most lawyers do not do that. It is because if they are hired to go to […]

Collaborative Law Institute of Texas > First Pro Bono Collaborative Divorce in Florida Brings New Awareness

September 25, 2013


From the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas: This remarkable story in the Tampa Tribune from last week involves a Florida couple who has a story that’s regrettably familiar. Though their marriage started off well, they found themselves fighting and growing apart, and determined that they need to get divorced. But rather than do what many Florida […]

Park Ridge Patch > Collaborative Divorce Professionals Help Families Navigate Painful Process

September 24, 2013


From Kathryn Engel, Esq.: Their 18-year marriage was ending, that much was sure. Much less clear was how Sue and Jim (not their real names) would navigate thedivorce or what impact the split would have on their three children. Seeking to salvage communication for their children’s sake, Sue sought out thecollaborative process. Meanwhile, Jim fought […]