Pamela S. Wynn > What Is The Cost Of A Florida Divorce

Posted on September 2, 2013


From Pamela S. Wynn, Esq.:

The cost of Florida divorce isn’t only financial. There is an emotion price as well. Divorce can feel like a failure because it is not working out how you had planned. Instead of happily ever after, it’s become a living Hell. Each interaction with the spouse feels like a fight. You dread going home.

So often one of the divorcing spouses is caught by surprise with the divorce and is emotionally devastated by the news. That leaves you in different stages of the divorce, which can be really uncomfortable, especially if you are still in the same house. Anger, bargaining, guilt and sadness can all come up for either spouse during the course of a divorce.

Divorcing couples have the ability to keep attorney fees and costs in check if they are willing to take responsibility for their actions and their emotions. The court cannot address emotional wrongs. These raw emotions can skyrocket the cost of your divorce. There are processes that happen in the brain which prevent clear thinking when emotions are stirred up. Without clear thinking, it will take a long time and many resources to complete your divorce case. So the first way to reduce the cost of divorce is to deal with your emotions outside the court process.

More than anything, this one task can reduce the cost of your Florida divorce case – calm your emotions and get clear on not only what you want, but why. When you sit down and actually work this out – I suggest with the help of a therapist or coach – you will reduce the financial and emotional costs of divorce.

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