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Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego > Top 9 Collaborative Divorce Tips for Success

October 16, 2013


From Shawn Weber, Esq.: 1. Use a full team model. It can seem daunting to think of adding multiple professionals to one’s divorce case. A full collaborative divorce team would be a coach for each party, two attorneys, a child specialist and a financial specialist. There is a temptation to think, “I don’t need all […]

Curtis Cowan Law > Collaborative Divorce: Better, Cheaper, and the Wave of the Future

October 14, 2013


From Curtis Cowan, Esq.: Want a cheaper, less stressful, fairer divorce process? The Collaborative Divorce Process is the answer! Unfortunately, the public is currently mostly unaware of the Collaborative Divorce Process and its tremendous benefits. Even most family-law attorneys, unless they have been trained in the Collaborative Divorce Process, have not embraced the Collaborative Divorce […]

Divorce Attorney South Africa > Collaborative Family & Divorce Law In South Africa

October 13, 2013


From Bertus Preller, Esq.: The adversarial court system in South Africa is often not well-suited for resolving family law disputes. For this reason, I often question our ability to help clients heal and move forward with their lives in a productive and constructive manner.

Family Law Blogspot > Cooperative Versus Collaborative Divorce

October 12, 2013


From Mary Commander, Esq.: The worst type of divorce for everyone is a contested divorce. That is one where the decisions are left to a judge after the parties “fight it out” in court. This type of case exacts a great cost financially and emotionally.

New Hampshire Family Law Blog > Why You Need A Coach In Your Collaborative Divorce

October 11, 2013


From Kysa Crusco, Esq.: New Hampshire collaborative practice employs an interdisciplinary model, which is fancy for saying that the professional team includes attorneys, a coach and a financial neutral. When the topic of hiring a coach comes up, I sometimes receive this feedback:

Washington Blade > Celebrate and Plan Our Families

October 10, 2013


From Susan Silber, Esq.: It is encouraging to see our families increasingly integrated in our overall communities and treated better in the courts. As the law begins to treat our LGBTQ families more equally, let’s try to do our break-ups differently.

Always Family Center > “Destination Divorce” Sounds Like A Good Idea!

October 9, 2013


From Carl Arnold, Esq.: The New York Times recently ran an article titled “Quick Getaways, at the Divorce Hotel“. It was about a business called “Divorce Hotel” where couples could check in married and check out divorced. The business would provide a schedule, legal advice, whatever the couple needed to get through the divorce process. […]