Washington Blade > Celebrate and Plan Our Families

October 10, 2013


From Susan Silber, Esq.: It is encouraging to see our families increasingly integrated in our overall communities and treated better in the courts. As the law begins to treat our LGBTQ families more equally, let’s try to do our break-ups differently. Advertisements

Always Family Center > “Destination Divorce” Sounds Like A Good Idea!

October 9, 2013


From Carl Arnold, Esq.: The New York Times recently ran an article titled “Quick Getaways, at the Divorce Hotel“. It was about a business called “Divorce Hotel” where couples could check in married and check out divorced. The business would provide a schedule, legal advice, whatever the couple needed to get through the divorce process. […]

ABA Journal > Kinder, Gentler Collaborative Divorce Also Costs Less

October 8, 2013


From Martha Neil: A kinder, gentler method of getting divorced has won fans among both clients and counsel. But it has yet to win over some traditionalists, who wonder, for instance, why collaborative divorce must include a promise not to litigate. (Those who violate the ban on courtroom battle have to start over again with […]

World of Collaborative Practice > Florida’s First Pro Bono Collaborative Divorce

October 7, 2013


From the World of Collaborative Practice: Not all divorcing spouses want to engage in nasty court battles. Such is the case of Tyler Nelson and Pamela Burton, who decided to end their marriage on an amicable basis without consuming years in costly and contentious litigation. They decided to use a form of private dispute resolution […]

Galus Australis > A Peaceful Divorce

October 6, 2013


From Ellen Gutman, J.D.: The Hebrew term for Collaborative Practice is ‘Lehitgaresh beshalom’ – to divorce in peace. But, can a divorce process ever be peaceful?

Ferris Consulting > Creating a Message that Helps You Attract Clients to Your Collaborative Practice

October 5, 2013


From Elizabeth Ferris: One of the most important strategies to grow your Collaborative Practice is to master how you communicate the value of your services to potential clients. Creating a core message is the foundation for all marketing and communication activities and is essential to growing your Collaborative Practice.

My Family Law > What Happens If My Partner and I Can’t Agree on Every Issue?

October 4, 2013


From My Family Law: While collaborative divorce has good success rates, there will often still be times when couples just can’t agree on something. Does this mean you’ll have to give up on a collaborative divorce as an option?