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Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego > Top 9 Collaborative Divorce Tips for Success

October 16, 2013


From Shawn Weber, Esq.: 1. Use a full team model. It can seem daunting to think of adding multiple professionals to one’s divorce case. A full collaborative divorce team would be a coach for each party, two attorneys, a child specialist and a financial specialist. There is a temptation to think, “I don’t need all […]

Collaborative Divorce & Mediation > The Christian Divorce

September 19, 2013


From Brian Don Levy, Esq.: The Christian Divorce may be a misnomer, as the bible is very specific on the subject of a divorce (Matthew 5:31-32). While it is clear that God hates divorce, there is no doubt that God loves divorced people. Once the decision is made to end a marriage, for whatever reason, […]

California Bar Journal > Lawyer as Peacemaker

September 9, 2013


From Forrest “Woody” Mosten, Esq.: Over a decade ago, I decided to refuse any further litigation. I turned down large retainers and referred all potential court clients to competent litigators in my community. My practice is now divided roughly into two equal parts. I serve as a neutral mediator 50 percent of the time, and […]

A Better Divorce > Collaborative Divorce with a Child Specialist: Your Children’s Best Interest First

August 11, 2013


From David Kuroda, LCSW: PUTTING YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD V. BEING HONEST ABOUT ONE’S LIMITATIONS A father, who may want to hide his ignorance of an infant’s needs during an evaluation, presents himself differently in collaborative divorce, and is more likely to be honest and seek the recommendation of a child specialist. It’s like being […]

California Bar Journal >The Peacemaking Lawyer as Effective Negotiator

August 6, 2013


From Professor Russell Korobkin, A lawyer-negotiator who aspires to peacemaker status should attempt to resolve the dispute with at least a modicum of understanding and amity between the parties, even knowing that the ideal will not always be achieved, and that relationships scarred by litigation sometimes cannot be rehabilitated. Awareness of the following four psychological […]

Daily Journal > In Housing Slump, Breaking Up Is Harder To Do

August 1, 2013


From Greg Katz: Frederick Glassman, president of the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association and senior partner at Mayer & Glassman, said he also has crafted settlements recently centered on the parties’ unwillingness to sell their homes. “In many of my cases now, we’re saying, ‘This isn’t the right time to sell the house, and […]

Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego > Collaborative Divorce and Middle East Diplomacy

July 28, 2013


From Barbara Brown, Esq.: Roger Fisher, who helped negotiate the Israeli-Egyptian Peace treaty and the release of the American hostages from Iran, taught me that all successful negotiations are interest based. As he described it in his best selling book “Getting to Yes,” “Principled negotiation is hard on the merits, soft on the people. It […]