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Galus Australis > A Peaceful Divorce

October 6, 2013


From Ellen Gutman, J.D.: The Hebrew term for Collaborative Practice is ‘Lehitgaresh beshalom’ – to divorce in peace. But, can a divorce process ever be peaceful? Advertisements

Collaborative Divorce & Mediation > The Christian Divorce

September 19, 2013


From Brian Don Levy, Esq.: The Christian Divorce may be a misnomer, as the bible is very specific on the subject of a divorce (Matthew 5:31-32). While it is clear that God hates divorce, there is no doubt that God loves divorced people. Once the decision is made to end a marriage, for whatever reason, […]

World of Collaborative Practice > Divorce, Clergy, and the Collaborative Process

July 21, 2013


From Donita M. King, Esq., Susan Buniva, MSW, LCSW, and Rob Ferguson, CDFA: The collaborative model is an outgrowth of a holistic perspective on divorce. The ripples of loss are infinite and the nature of that loss goes far beyond a change of legal status, because it includes a redefinition of self and family. The […]

Collaborative Divorce Options > Trials and Tribulations: Christians and Divorce

July 20, 2013


From Ron Ousky, Esq.: Of course, a commitment to love and compassion do not mean that other principles of self preservation must be abandoned. The issues of a divorce will also require you to work to protect yourself, and your children. Is there a way to practice Christian love and still protect your family?