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Always Family Center > “Destination Divorce” Sounds Like A Good Idea!

October 9, 2013


From Carl Arnold, Esq.: The New York Times recently ran an article titled “Quick Getaways, at the Divorce Hotel“. It was about a business called “Divorce Hotel” where couples could check in married and check out divorced. The business would provide a schedule, legal advice, whatever the couple needed to get through the divorce process. […]

Collaborative Divorce Options > Jazz, Medicine and Collaborative Practice

September 18, 2013


From Linda Ojala, Esq.: What makes collaborative team divorce like jazz and team medical practice? 1) Specialized trained professionals who bring unique skills to the team. In collaborative practice, the mental health professionals, financial professionals, and attorneys all have received unique training and experience. Jazz musicians–singers, sax players, trumpeters, drummers and others have all been […]

Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota > Tissues on the Table: Emotions in Divorce

September 4, 2013


From Kimberly Miller, Esq.: In a collaborative divorce process – there are usually tissues on the table. When a client first comes into an attorney’s office to tell their story or learn about divorce, it can be emotional and scary. Some people cry. Some of those tears come from sadness, fear, or worry about the […]

Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota > It Takes Focus To Collaborate

August 25, 2013


From Stephanie Tschida, MS, LMFT: When a couple enters into the Collaborative Divorce Process, they are challenged to negotiate together about important family matters during a stressful time in their life, and in a manner that will bring the best results for their family. They are asked to identify goals, listen without reacting to the […] > Those Crazy Minnesotans…”Here They Go Again”

August 16, 2013


Ron Ousky, Esq.: We are about to do something a little crazy in Minnesota. Yes, again. We have publicly proclaimed our intention to grow Collaborative Practice by 50% in our community in one year. And we intend to succeed. Why have we put so much on this solitary goal? Increasing the number of families who […]

Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota > Getting Unmarried Part II: What is Collaborative Divorce?

August 9, 2013


From Mike Miller, CFP: What I really liked about collaborative divorce was the concept of both spouses and each of their attorneys signing what is called a Participation Agreement, committing that court or the threat of court is not an option to be considered in a collaborative divorce. While everyone has the right to court […]

Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota > Getting the Best Outcome in a Divorce: Lawyer Up or Settle Down?

August 3, 2013


From Ron Ousky, Esq.: You are getting ready to tell your spouse about your divorce; Should you get an attorney? On the one hand, you want to be protected. Going through divorce without an attorney can feel like entering a foreign country without a guide. During this difficult process it seems critical to have someone […]