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New York Times > From a Prominent Divorce in the Affluent Class, Lessons For All

September 6, 2013


From Paul Sullivan: FEES For all but the wealthiest people, fees paid to lawyers, accountants, appraisers and other advisers can reduce what the spouse with less is fighting for. Jeffrey R. Cohen, a divorce lawyer at Cohen Goldstein, estimated that a cooperative divorce could cost 15 percent of the cost of one that dragged on […]

New York Association of Collaborative Professionals > Client Stories: Nicole & Chad

August 31, 2013


From New York Association of Collaborative Professionals: Chad and Nicole had decided to divorce after many years of deep unhappiness and a year of marriage counseling. It was a painful decision for both of them. They had been married for 17 years and had two children, a son, 14, and a 10 year old daughter […]

New York Lawyer Blog > How to Have the Nastiest Divorce Possible

August 4, 2013


From Andrea Vacca, Esq.: Step One (1) – Hire a bulldog lawyer who will: tell you she’ll get you everything that you want… tell you that you have a winning case… tell you she settles most of her cases – but will file an action for divorce before ever trying to reach an agreement outside […] > Interests vs. Positions

July 30, 2013


From Bradley H. Andrews, Esq.: One of the key principles of Collaborative model is the emphasis that is placed upon interests rather than positions. What’s the difference? An interest is a core need or goal. For example, having an important role in the upbringing of your children is an interest. Being financially secure is an […]

The New York Times > Amiable Unhitching, With A Prod

July 29, 2013


From Jane Gross: In some ways, the method resembles mediation in its problem-solving approach. But rather than a neutral mediator, each party brings a lawyer to the sessions, as advocate and adviser. But the very format changes how lawyers behave. ”We are by nature competitive,” said Barry Berkman, who organized the first group of collaborative […]

The Smarter Divorce > Celebrity Collaborative Divorce Lessons for Long Island, NY Couples

July 22, 2013


From Robert E. Hornberger, Esq.: Collaborative Divorce Lets You Keep More of Your Money First and foremost, more and more celebrities are using Collaborative Divorces as opposed to Divorce Litigation. Many celebrities, because of their high incomes and high profiles, have a lot to lose if their divorce gets messy. Litigated divorces can become a […]

New York Family Life Monthly > Business Valuation in a Collaborative Divorce

July 21, 2013


From Scott DeMarco, CBA, Steve Egna, CBA, and Michael D. Assaf, Esq.: In a collaborative divorce setting, the following appraisal scenarios are possible. These scenarios are ordered fromĀ least collaborative to most collaborative, and from the presumptively least convincing opinions of value to the mostĀ convincing. However, the credibility of an appraisal is primarily influenced by the […]