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Video: Streamlined Protocols for Collaborative Divorce Explained

November 12, 2013


The Collaborative Divorce Institute of Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay Collaborative Divorce Group are teaming up to bring a training on the Streamlined Protocols for Collaborative Divorce on March 20-22, 2014.  Attorneys, Financial Professionals, Mental Health Professionals, and Mediators can find the registration form here, and below is a video of Dr. Ellie Izzo, one […]

World of Collaborative Practice > Florida’s First Pro Bono Collaborative Divorce

October 7, 2013


From the World of Collaborative Practice: Not all divorcing spouses want to engage in nasty court battles. Such is the case of Tyler Nelson and Pamela Burton, who decided to end their marriage on an amicable basis without consuming years in costly and contentious litigation. They decided to use a form of private dispute resolution […]

ABC Family Law Blog > Does Florida Recognize Legal Separation?

September 29, 2013


From Adam B. Cordover, Esq.: Many jurisdictions require spouses to be legally separated for a certain period of time (oftentimes about 6-12 months) before they can get a divorce. Florida does not have such a requirement. However, there are many couples out there who wish to go through a “trial separation” without taking the leap […]

Collaborative Law Institute of Texas > First Pro Bono Collaborative Divorce in Florida Brings New Awareness

September 25, 2013


From the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas: This remarkable story in the Tampa Tribune from last week involves a Florida couple who has a story that’s regrettably familiar. Though their marriage started off well, they found themselves fighting and growing apart, and determined that they need to get divorced. But rather than do what many Florida […]

Collaborative Divorce Institute of Tampa Bay > Florida’s First Pro Bono Collaborative Divorce Takes Place in Tampa

September 22, 2013


From Collaborative Divorce Institute of Tampa Bay: On September 20, 2013, at 9 a.m., Judge Laurel Lee will officially divorce Pamela Burton and Tyler Nelson. This will be the first time the judge will meet Pam and Tyler, because they engineered their entire divorce using the collaborative dispute resolution (“CDR”) process. By doing so, they […]

Tampa Bay Times > Divorce with Collaboration? It can Happen

September 21, 2013


From Sue Carlton: It took only a few minutes, less time than your average Vegas wedding. And that included the hugs and handshakes afterward and the photographer snapping pictures of the smiling couple with the officiating judge. Except what happened Friday morning in Hillsborough Judge Laurel Lee’s courtroom was actually a marriage irretrievably broken: a […]

Tampa Tribune > Kinder, gentler divorces take the bite out of break-ups

September 15, 2013


From Ray Reyes: TAMPA — He got the furniture. She got the car. They split custody of their daughter and everybody’s happy. The divorce of Tyler Nelson and Pamela Burton will be finalized on Friday, but they didn’t have to go through years of litigation or deal with months of acrimony to legally end their […]