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Collaborative Divorce Northwest Blog > The British are Celebrating American-style Collaborative Divorce

September 20, 2013


From Daniel Margolin, Esq.: Lord Kerr of Tonaghmore, a justice in the UK’s new Supreme Court, said that there had been an “impressive” expansion in the use of what is called the “collaborative” approach to divorce. Advertisements

Beaufort Asset Management > Relieve Divorce Strain With Advice On Division Of Pension Rigts

August 26, 2013


From David Lane, Senior Technical Consultant at AXA Wealth: Offsetting allows the ex-spouse to receive non-pension assets, such as the matrimonial home, which have an equivalent value to the pension rights. This is a favoured approach in collaborative divorce whereby both parties work with a financial neutral and agree how to share the matrimonial assets.

Cambridge Family Law Practice > A Second Glance At Collaborative Law

July 27, 2013


From Cambridge Family Law Practice: For those who aren’t aware, collaborative family law is a different way of working towards family solutions when adult relationships break down. It involves a series of “round table” meetings where both parties and their respective solicitors meet in the same room to investigate finding a fair way forward in […]

Cambridge Collaborative Family Law Group > Conflict and Divorce: Ways of Resolving a Dispute

July 20, 2013


From Adam Moghadas, attorney: In a heightened emotional situation, where there are different opinions on important matters, there may well be conflict. The key thing is that any natural conflict is managed constructively and positively, and not repressed so that it bubbles up later – particularly around the children. This is where collaborative law has […]