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My Divorce Documents > Collaborative Divorce: Stuck Between Contested and Uncontested

September 30, 2013


From Christina Jones: Just so we’re all on the same page, here are definitions of most kinds of divorce: Uncontested Divorce: A divorce in which the couple agrees on all allocations of marital property, child custody, child support, and/or alimony. Uncontested divorce essentially eliminats the need for lawyers or a judge in court. An uncontested […] > The Spiritual Aspects of Collaborative Law

September 8, 2013


From Dale L. Raugust, Esq.: It is apparent that we desperately need to find a better way of relating to one another, and that the broken aspects of the world’s relationships between countries are reflected within our own individual relationships. When Mother Teresa was receiving her Noble Peace prize she was asked by a member […] > When Fairness Leads To Impasse

August 30, 2013


From Mark Weiss, Esq.: The Wife Was Being Fair My client, the wife, asked that she experience no financial repercussions due to the divorce. After all, it was only “fair” that she not bear the consequences because her husband had cheated on her. By making sure that her husband would still be able to afford […] > Collaborative Law Reaches Out

August 27, 2013


From Stefanie Quane and Rachel Felbeck: One question that nearly always arises in a frank and open discussion of collaborative law is the relationship between collaborative law and the Rules of Professional Conduct. Often, attorneys inquire whether it will be “ethical” to be collaborative even if their client is fully consenting and making an informed […] > New Divorce Law Signed, Advocates Say It Ultimately Helps Protect Kids

July 21, 2013


From OLYMPIA, Wash. — Advocates celebrated what they call a new, more civil divorce option on the Capitol steps Friday after Gov. Jay Inslee signed the Uniform Collaborative Law Act. It allows couples to agree on terms of their divorce without going to court.