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Arizona Collaborative Colleagues > Does It Take A Village To Get Divorced?

October 2, 2013


From Mary Ann Hess, Esq.: We have all heard the phrase, “it takes a village” when people discuss raising children. We all readily accept that moms and dads take on different roles in parenting, and turn to others for help when needed. It is not uncommon that one parent is responsible for school work and […]

Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Arizona > The Peaceful Power of a Collaborative Divorce Team

September 17, 2013


From Vicki Carpel Miller, LMFT, and Ellie Izzo, Ph.D.: Getting divorced can be anxiety-producing. Many people put off getting a divorce, sometimes for years, because they feel afraid. They are frightened of conflict; they are scared of being alone; they fear financial insecurity; they are terrified of breaking up their family, hurting their children, and […]

Doc Ellie’s Blog > Divorce: The Only Moral Choice is the Collaborative Model

July 31, 2013


From Dr. Ellie Izzo: Statistics show that marriage is losing popularity and many couples are opting for divorce. Generations ago, divorce was perceived with stigma and while that perspective has improved, divorce is still frequently regarded as the launch into the fight of one’s life. Maybe this is one reason people are opting out of […]

Arizona Collaborative Colleagues > What is Collaborative Mediation?

July 20, 2013


From Pamela Donison, J.D.: IACP defines Collaborative Mediation as:  Collaborative Mediation – Collaborative mediation is a style of mediation where two or more people are encouraged to work toward resolution in a transparent and peaceful manner. The goal is to support the parties to unfold the issues and create fair agreements that will stand the test […]