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Curtis Cowan Law > Collaborative Divorce: Better, Cheaper, and the Wave of the Future

October 14, 2013


From Curtis Cowan, Esq.: Want a cheaper, less stressful, fairer divorce process? The Collaborative Divorce Process is the answer! Unfortunately, the public is currently mostly unaware of the Collaborative Divorce Process and its tremendous benefits. Even most family-law attorneys, unless they have been trained in the Collaborative Divorce Process, have not embraced the Collaborative Divorce […]

Pamela S. Wynn > What Is The Cost Of A Florida Divorce

September 2, 2013


From Pamela S. Wynn, Esq.: The cost of Florida divorce isn’t only financial. There is an emotion price as well. Divorce can feel like a failure because it is not working out how you had planned. Instead of happily ever after, it’s become a living Hell. Each interaction with the spouse feels like a fight. […]