The Smarter Divorce > Celebrity Collaborative Divorce Lessons for Long Island, NY Couples

Posted on July 22, 2013


From Robert E. Hornberger, Esq.:

Collaborative Divorce Lets You Keep More of Your Money

First and foremost, more and more celebrities are using Collaborative Divorces as opposed to Divorce Litigation. Many celebrities, because of their high incomes and high profiles, have a lot to lose if their divorce gets messy. Litigated divorces can become a matter of public record, while collaborative or mediated divorces, can remain private. It is typically a better decision for a celebrity, and many of us non-celebrities, to just cut their losses and move on, as opposed to fighting out every little detail in the Nassau County or Suffolk County court system. Collaborative divorce allows couples the opportunity to come to a mutually advantageous resolution.

Collaborative Divorce is the First Choice for a Private Divorce

Even though most celebrity divorces end up on TMZ and other gossip columns, collaborative divorces do afford divorcing parties more privacy than a traditional litigated divorce. Since they don’t participate in the courts, everyone involved in the process must keep silent over the agreement and methods use to finalize the divorce. Other benefits of collaborative divorce include more control over the process and setting a positive tone for your family’s future. One of the biggest benefits, however, is that the cost of a collaborative or mediated divorce is much more affordable than the cost of a litigated divorce. Alternative dispute resolution methods like collaborative divorce or mediated divorce can be less than one-third the cost of a litigated divorce and can take a fraction of the time to resolve over other methods.

Lessons from Robin Williams

Robin Williams swears by this process. The actor and comedian stated during his 2008 divorce, “We will still strive to be honest, cooperative, and respectful as we work in this process to achieve the future well-being of our families. We commit ourselves to this collaborative law process.”

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