Judith Conte > My Credo About Divorce

Posted on September 3, 2013


From Judith Conte, Esq.:

I believe couples should divorce in a spirit of respect, courtesy and transparency.

I believe it is possible for couples to make theirs a “good divorce”.

I believe divorcing parents have a sacred responsibility to make it a good divorce.

I believe a good divorce benefits the immediate family, the larger community and the world.

I define a good divorce to include the following:
*moves forward to completion in a well-defined time period;
*is financially affordable;
*resolves marital issues with integrity, fairness and respect;
*honors the highest truth of each person in the divorce;
*focuses on solutions instead of problems;
*uses modern resources of negotiation, mediation, collaboration and settlement;
*avoids finger-pointing, blame, and fault-finding;
*priorities the interests of the couple’s children; and
*restructures the family but does not dissolve it.

I believe lawyers and other trained professionals have a duty to educate clients about how to make it a good divorce.

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